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The Greentek Thatch-Away Supa System is a powerful machine designed to efficiently remove thatch from lawns. With its advanced technology, it effectively extracts and collects thatch, allowing for healthier grass growth. This user-friendly system is a must-have for lawn care professionals and homeowners looking to maintain lush and vibrant lawns.


The Greentek Mega-Mix Machine is a revolutionary all-in-one solution for efficient and eco-friendly mixing. With its advanced technology, it effortlessly blends, stirs, and homogenizes various materials, reducing waste and maximizing productivity. Whether you're in the food industry or construction, this versatile machine is a game-changer for achieving consistent and high-quality results.


Select-A-Vibe rollers are the best choice for smoother and faster greens. They cover a wide width, follow contours, and leave straight stripes behind. They are easy to use, don't require a utility vehicle, and operate on diesel greensmowers. The unique variable vibratory action allows for tasks like filling coring holes and improving greenspeed consistency.


The best greens in the world won't appear by chance, let's face it. If you want to do it, you must have the best equipment and greenkeeping expertise.


Prevent turf damage and ensure healthy growth with Greentek's Aero-Quick. This lightweight, versatile machine effectively aerates soil, allowing for proper drainage and improved breathing for your turf. With a wide range of attachments and a built-in weight tray, the Aero-Quick is suitable for various surfaces, from golf greens to football pitches. Maximize penetration and maintain optimal turf health with this compact and efficient solution.


The ultimate aeration system for sports grounds and pitches. Aeration, rolling, raking, and brushing can all be done in one go with the Double-Quick's rear roller, rake, and brush attachment. It restores turf health, improves air circulation, and leaves a professional finish. Available in 1.8m or 2.4m widths, it offers quick attachment change-over with no tools needed.


In summer, turf becomes sealed by dust and foot traffic, preventing water absorption and causing puddles. Using a Sarel Roller followed by a brush sweeps dew into the root zone and creates an open surface that drains freely when it rains.


Sarel rolling is highly beneficial for turf, keeping it open for breathing, drainage, and nutrient absorption. The Multi-Sarel, with its triple unit design, efficiently treats larger areas like football pitches and golf fairways. It offers surface aeration, dew dispersal, and worm-cast removal. With a 5.4m working width and the option for intensive spiking or overseeding preparation, it can be paired with rear brush attachments for grooming and striping.


Brushing-in topdressing with the Greens Groomer has several benefits. The brush bristles work the topdressing between grass blades, ensuring thorough coverage. Unlike metal dragmats, the Greens Groomer's design prevents surface scraping and allows for filling Hollow Coring holes without damaging turf. With 6' or 12' width options, it is ideal for greens and fairways. It is also effective for maintaining 3G synthetic pitches, prolonging their lifespan.


Brushing turf is important for working-in topdressing, removing worm-casts, and preventing fungal diseases. The Maxi-Brush is a versatile 5.4m wide brush that can adapt to a 1.8m topdressing brush. Optional hydraulic folding makes it even more versatile. It provides a clean cut by brushing off dew before mowing. The Maxi-Brush is suitable for sportsfields and golf courses, and can also be fitted with a Sarel Roller kit.


The Multi-Brush has a massive 5.4m working width, allowing it to disperse dew and worm casts on an 18-hole golf course in just two hours. Its floating heads and double-jointed lift arms make it ideal for uneven terrains. Daily dew brushing benefits players and prevents fungal diseases. It can also transform into a 1.8m topdressing brush effortlessly.


Rake your fairways to stimulate healthy grass growth, remove thatch, and prevent nap before mowing. The Turf Conditioner comes in 12' and 6' widths, compatible with compact tractors and utility trucks using the Multi-Mount adapter. It features three rows of adjustable spring tines for precise raking. A rear brush can be used for additional grooming and a striped finish.


The GreenTek Multi-Mount is revolutionizing greens maintenance by making turf trucks more popular. It is a universal frame that can be customized for Cushman Truckster, Toro Workman, and John Deere Pro Gator. Attach the Aero-Quick, Maxi Brush, and Sarel Roller to any of these power units with ease.


Customers using the Easy-Load topdressing trailer report topdressing "twice as fast, with half the manpower." This trailer eliminates manual handling by allowing direct transport and loading of sand into the topdresser. It features 16" flotation tires for stability during tipping. The Easy-Load is a versatile three-tonne trailer with a dual-purpose tailgate for general tipping duties and loading the topdresser, maximizing its value.


Don't let unpredictable weather ruin your tournament. The GreenTek Bunker-Drainer pump is a reliable solution for flooded bunkers. With a 5hp Honda engine and high volume rotary impeller pump, it can handle muddy water without priming. It also offers an optional Vibrating Poker attachment for concreting work. Quickly empty flooded bunkers, trenches, or graves with ease.


The Low Loading Trailers are perfect for transporting groundcare equipment and supplies. Their drop-down tailgates allow for easy loading access. These versatile trailers can also be used to carry divot mix or collect leaves. Accessories like a sliding divider and mower clamp are available for added convenience. Suitable for both on and off-road use.olume rotary impeller pump, it can handle muddy water without priming. It also offers an optional Vibrating Poker attachment for concreting work. Quickly empty flooded bunkers, trenches, or graves with ease.


The Thatch-Away 24" and 30" Walk Behind Verticutters offer top performance with patented Fan-Force Tungsten tipped blades and an extra-long grass deflector. These features create a powerful air vortex, removing thatch and debris from greens. The rear roller features a differential and a scraper, while the Brush Reel allows for gentle grooming or removal of debris and Poa Annua seeds.


If you want a quick way of dispersing dew or brushing in light topdressings, the 8’ Greens Brush is ideal for your needs.
It comes complete with category 1 fittings, suitable for compact tractors and an optional spring loaded adaptor enables it to fit on Cushman Trucksters. It has tough polypropylene fibre bristles, and the brushes are long lasting and easy to replace.


The Multi-Roller is designed for Football Academies and Sports Complexes with large turf areas requiring regular light rolling. It covers 18' working width and weighs 650kg, thanks to its small diameter rollers. With a mid-range compact tractor, it can roll a full pitch in 20 minutes.

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